Gilmour returns to Chelsea to check on ankle injury

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On-loan youngster Billy Gilmour has returned to Chelsea for a thorough examination and assessment of the injury.

Gilmour suffered an ankle injury and missed out on Norwich City in the FA Cup third round last weekend. And now the 20-year-old midfielder travels back to Chelsea, the real agency ufabet for 3-4 days to allow the doctor to examine the injury thoroughly. Assess treatment and recovery time. “Gilmore has an ankle injury. That took him about 3-4 weeks to recuperate. He returned to Chelsea for an evaluation. 

And I hope he’ll be back in the next three or four days.” Norwich manager Dean Smith revealed the midfielder has been on loan from Chelsea this season. However, when looking at the expected recovery time Unlikely to affect the Scottish national team. in the 2022 World Cup play-off round at the end of March But there are some fears that the injury might be more severe and will take longer than expected.

Unfortunately, that will have to wait. The full injury prognosis isn’t yet known but it is expected that that Scotland international will miss a month of the season.

Smith’s side will now be missing Gilmour for the game at the London Stadium, as well as a number of other fixtures, as they look to pick up points and move out of the relegation zone.