Howe reduced the trend of the new world, shocked the world, hired Neymar to kick the Champions League

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Newcastle head coach Eddie Howe has dismissed comments his side have been link with a move for Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar Jr at St James’ Park next season. Ready to leave it to the director of sports, Dan Ashworth, to take care of strengthening the army.

Neymar has come under fire from PSG fans for his disgusting off-field lifestyle and inconsistent performances despite the club’s high wages. In the middle of last week. They gathere together to shout and evict in front of the house. Signs that summer 2023 is likely to depart ufabet.

That makes ‘Salika Dong

That makes ‘Salika Dong’, one of the Tang money teams from the Saudi royal capital group, be linked. Only if they guarantee next season’s Champions League group stage. Will contact to borrow, use, responsible for full wages 

However, Howe Chingbrake did not let the matter go too far. Saying that he did not know, was not good at it, had no opinion. 

Saying that he did not know, was not good at it, had no opinion

“I’m not sure who it was link to. In addition, at this time, the buy-sell market. It’s a secondary issue,” he said at a pre-Arsenal readiness press conference (May 7). 

“We’re going to fight for a point game. And it sucks all your attention away.”  

“Until we know where we are. Did you play any show next year? It was difficult to predict what would happen. The game will be sort according to what happens next season.” 

“Buy-sell market business is very important. And I don’t despise it.”

“It’s working behind the scenes. But you just have to prioritize. To suit different periods of the season.” 

“Many names are not accurate. We need to recruit people wisely.”  

If Neymar enters St. James ‘ Park, Allan Saint – Maximin ‘s jersey number #10 will have to be collect for the Brazilian star. Aside from Star PSG, Newcastle have been link with Cristiano Ronaldo of Al-Nasser, a Saudi Pro League club.