Krasnodar suspends contracts with eight foreign players

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Krasnodar still faces problems with foreign players in the team asking to cancel contracts. The latest statement confirm that contracts with eight players were suspend on Thursday.

Krasnodar Earlier, Daniel Farke canceled his contract to manage the club in Barcelona. After dissatisfaction with Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine in the past. And most recently, it was the turn of 8 foreign players ufabet.

The statement said it suspended the contracts of eight of the nine foreign players in the squad. Including Remy Cabella, Vanderson, Cayo, Eric Botheim, Jon Cordoba, Victor Klesson, Junior Alonso and Christian Ramirez 

The statement did not specify the exact cause, but media believe it was from the case of Russia’s deployment of troops to invade Ukraine that upset the players. And after this, the club should confirm the termination of the contract when there is an agreement with all parties.

Most of the players whose contracts were suspend were report to have left Russia. All of which can not move the team at this time until they agree to officially terminate the contract and wait for the next transfer market to launch.

Krasnodar were force to postpone a Russian Premier League clash with Lokomotiv Moscow last week due to airport closures in Southern Russia.

And now the club will also be without eight of their players for the foreseeable future.