Man Utd partisans lifting the horde of birthdays, Bai Yi

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Man Utd partisans live a good life, earn huge wages but play football every week Most recently. As he thrashed the Champions League. Paul Pogba asked to be the leader of his friends for a party to celebrate Eric Bailly’s 28th birthday.

Bai Yi has a birthday on April 12 , but the warlord ‘ Red Devils ‘ made an appointment to party and blow the cake a day back on Wednesday night ( local ) at Souk Tier Bar and Grill . Manchester City Center ufabet.

The paparazzi captured images of the attendees besides the protagonist of the Ivory Coast fortress, and Pogba, who was ordained during his fast at sunset. Can handle both savory and sweet.

Others include Bruno Fernandes , Edinson Cavani , Marcus Rashford , Jesse Lingard , Jadon Sancho and Aaron Wan – Bissaka who Ask permission from children , wife , sweetheart to hang out on a spring night.  

There is no picture of the social defendant slapping the mobile phone of a child , Cristiano Ronaldo , goalkeeper David de Gea, or captain Harry Maguire, coming out to dance with him.  

On the bright side, this party has helped to strengthen team ties in the hunt for Champions League tickets in the last seven matches of the day, despite being six points behind fourth-placed Spurs.

But if you look at the negative Bai Yi birthday party, it ‘s funny that the ‘Red Devils’ grade is no longer a team that plays for championship success at the end of the season. Because naturally those clubs will queue up every 3 days.