Rangnick accepts the ghost of an unusual situation about Greenwood

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Manchester United boss Ralph Rangnick admits it is an unusual situation for the ufabet club in the wake of Mason Greenwood.

         The 20-year-old has just been release on bail from the Greater Police. Manchester has been charged with assaulting a girlfriend and rape. While the Red Devils have banned him from training and playing until further notice. which the German coach admits that the situation in the team is not normal But insisting doesn’t distract the others on the team.

         “To be honest, I don’t talk much about what happened with the players. I’m sure they talk. Obviously we have internal conversations. But I’m sure everyone understands that discussions should be kept in mind,” said Rangnick.

         “It’s an unusual situation for everyone and no one wants to go through something like this. It’s an ongoing process and we have to focus on tomorrow (Friday) game and then on Tuesday against Burnley, that’s all I can say.

         “Of course, not everyone wants something like this to happen. That’s life, not just being a professional footballer that has to go hand in hand and unite and keep going.”

         “We have won the last two Premier League games and now we want to be successful and reach the next round in the FA Cup and then on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be ready to collect three more points with Burnley.”