Cracked heels

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Cracked heel symptoms It is a condition where the heels are dry, thick, rough, and hard until they crack and separate into sheets. If the wound cracks all the way to the inside It may cause the wound to bleed or cause pain.

Cracked heel symptoms It usually occurs during the cold, dry winter months. But it can happen at any time. And can happen at any gender and age. Depends on lifestyle habits.

Dangers of cracked heels

In addition to the symptoms of cracked heels being unsightly in terms of beauty, It also creates problems for people because they may experience pain from the wound. And if the problem of cracked heels is left until it becomes a deep wound and is not treated. May be at risk of severe infection. Especially those with diabetes or obesity. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

How to properly treat cracked heels

  • Use products that nourish Moisturizes the skin around the heels. By choosing products such as creams and lotions that nourish the skin on the heels. Especially to reduce the problem of cracked heels. It may be a skin cream that contains dimethicone that will help prevent dry skin. and increase moisture and retain water to the skin Reduce the occurrence of thick and calloused skin from dry skin that causes cracked heel skin as a result. Including moisturizing skin cream. or cream that contains oil
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the area where the heel is cracked. You should apply it before going to bed and wear socks over it. Allows the skin on cracked heels to absorb moisture from the gel overnight while you sleep.
  • Drink adequate amounts of clean water.
  • Do not use soap with strong chemicals or ingredients that can dry out the skin. Choose soap that cares for the skin. Does not cause allergic reactions Doesn’t irritate the skin. and does not make the skin dry
  • Reduce weight to a reasonable level.
  • Choose to wear shoes with soft soles that care for your feet or wear thick cloth socks. To help preserve the heel skin

How to treat cracked heels

Warm water + foot scrubbing stone

This method starts from You mix warm water into a small basin. Then soak your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. When the time is up, use a stone to scrub your feet. Gently scrub the cracked area to help remove dead skin cells. Makes the skin around the heels softer and smoother.

When finished, wash your feet thoroughly. Dry your feet. Then apply cream to the cracked heel area . Do this 2-3 times a week continuously for about 1 month, you will see better results.