Skin tone and undertone

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What is skin tone and undertoneSkin tone, or undertone, does not refer to how black and white you are. It refers to the shade of your skin, which is determine by the amount of melanin or pigment. in the skin, even if you are expose to the sun, have an allergic rash, or have acne, it will not change this shade. For example, even if you are pale white in the winter because you are not expose to the sun much. But it gets darker when going to the beach in the summer. The shade of your skin will remain the same.

Differences between skin color and undertone

Before looking for your own skin tone, you must differentiate between your skin tone and undertone. The color of the skin is the color of the skin. It is determine by the skin pigment or melanin present in the top layer of the skin. The more melanin The skin color is darker. Undertones are the subtle tones beneath the skin. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Don’t forget to check your skin tone and undertone accurately when choosing cosmetics, clothes, and accessories. It will match the skin perfectly. Make your skin more beautiful and outstanding.

What is skin tone

Skin tone is the genetically inherit amount of melanin in the epidermis. or the outermost layer of the skin When the skin is expose to UV light, it develops natural protection. It produces large amounts of melanin distributed throughout the epidermis to absorb harmful rays from the sun. This is the reason why the more you are expose to the sun, the darker your skin becomes. However, skin color is also determine by genetics. As for skin tones, they can be divide into large groups as follows:

  • White skin – usually people in Europe or cold countries who are often cover by clouds. Therefore, melanin is not create, making the skin white. Skin tones of this color are often sensitive to the sun. Easily burns and wrinkles from sunlight.
  • Two-tone skin – or medium skin tone Found in southern Europeans and northern Asians. This skin tone is a neutral and balanced beige. And it will make finding the right shade of foundation easy.
  • Dark skin – usually found in areas exposed to intense sunlight, such as the Middle East, India, and Africa. However, dark skin is not harmed by UV rays because this skin color is more prone to hyperpigmentation and is more likely to develop skin cancer.

What is undertone

Undertone is the color hidden in the skin. Even if the skin becomes whiter or darker The color of the undertone will not change. It is the undertone that determines the choice of shades of things to match the skin tone. The undertone is divided into.

  • Cool tones – or pink undertones The skin often has pink, red, or blue hues.
  • Warm tones – or yellow undertones The skin often has a yellow, peach, or gold tinge to it.
  • Natural tone – will be an olive undertone. with colors of warm and cool undertones that go together perfectly.